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Processing Our Collective Grief


Thanks so much for joining me for session one sixty, two of the therapy for black girls podcasts. Much of what we've been experiencing in various ways over the past couple of months is grief. Grief related to the loss of loved ones are previous way of life and our ideas about what twenty twenty would look like. To help us dig a little deeper into what grief looks like given our current state of affairs. Dr Address Robinson returns with us as a guest. Dr Robinson is a licensed clinical professional counselor trauma in grief expert, first generation trauma in poverty disruptor. She is the founder and executive director of friends in transition, counseling services a trauma center, mental health practice located in, but there's the Maryland. She's also the CEO of Legacy Wellness Group A conglomerate of enterprises dedicated to promoting generational will education and healing. Dr Robinson and I chatted about our collective sense of grief. How rituals around grief have been up into? The importance of processing symbolic is and her thoughts about the work that will need to be done on the other end of the pandemic. If you. Hear something that resonates with you are listening. Please remember share with us on social media using the HASHTAG TV G in session. My apologies in advance as we did have some tech issues with this. He is our conversation. Thank you so much for being with us today. Dr Robinson and keep from for having me. Yeah I'm very happy that you were able to join us. Again I'm joined US recession thirty one of the PODCAST, and so it feels very timely to have you back given that it feels like much of what we have been dealing with into twentieth. When he is grief, APP totally I think one of the things that has really profound for me. Is that for the first time in a very long time? I think we're all experiencing or noticing the collective were using that doesn't always have to really with people dying. That's happening by. By recognizing that Greece Minnesota as a result of other experiences, as well and I think that opening up a dialogue that we haven't had happy to have it while. Yeah, you talked about that a lot on your last visit. You know that grief is much more than just US losing loved ones. Can you talk a little bit about some of those symbolic losses are lutely so I. I say that grief is a universal experience that is unique for each of us, and so we will navigate of spaces, non linear processes. Daughter triggered by not just the death of a loved one, but some of these data they lost weeks. Such as things are really being amplified right now because of endemic and other racial injustices, her occurring such as a safety, emotional logical, and for some physical as well loss of stability loss of routine loss of some of these milestones, anniversaries on a lost the crucial loss of income loss of identity, all of those are symbolic losses. Here's the thing the body doesn't know a lot of symbolic in Greece, the saints as if the loss is. It's so important because often hear people minimize the losses because no one died right and that it's an it's an unfair comparison to make it is a unique experience in the body is going to do grief work regardless of what the trigger is, so that's important. Just no one understands that is such an important point. A little bit more about how Greece's sometimes shows up in our body absolutely, and so it can show up physically in our body and often times. That is what personal lurch. Is Okay so physically feeling. We might feel pain or stomach. It might be when she I issues. Such just normal pain, right? What feels like issues digesting food in. Maybe you know but. He's like diarrhea. Things like that. We feel it in our shrink even numbness in extremities. It's pretty common chest pain, Migraines, losses memory concentration all of those faith. Even we've seen folks present the tree issues right, but feel like can be our physical or biological nature, who really be psychosomatic complaints as a result of. And trauma right instead the body scores. All of that especially, if in a prolonged activated state like we have been in this pandemic of now followed up with the racial injustice. Occurring all of those things are heightened states of being which requires the body to operate on a very different level, which often means we are heightened cortisol levels, which is never great. We're on the body, right. And launch. All of those things are aren't. And trauma that we may not necessarily coat reading

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