Patriots sign QB Cam Newton to replace Tom Brady


Tonight I think it's exciting to see what Newton can do a healthy Newton with Josh McDaniels and bill ballot check in this offense sieve juggernauts if you well and remember McDaniels they run a very innovative offense that Matt Werner ram mentioned it last hour in twenty ten they draft Gronk Aaron Hernandez they go to that too tight and sat before everybody else they have in the NFL did then it's copy cats city they hurried up shortly thereafter before chip Kelly was even hired by the eagles and now that's commonplace and this new read option type offense the Newton is a master of the patriots haven't done it given Tom Brady's obvious limitations in that category so this picture offense last year was a boring offense to watch it was a slog it was a struggle it wasn't exciting it was the first time where if you're a patriots fan you looked wistfully at the other teams and said why why can't we have Josh Allen yeah there is a ton of pics but always teases interesting to watch why why can't we have Lamar Jackson Pat Mahomes Ryan Tannehill why why can't we have to Shawn Watson why can't we have a quarterback who can move a little bit who can do more than the ball on the territory a five yard screen pass to a double covered Julian Edelman why well healthy cam Newton gives the patriots a more dynamic offensive attack I mean let's face it this was not a very good offense with Tom Brady especially in the second half of last season I think that there is that thirsty to try something new in belt check the is a really smart guy and smart people want new challenges and I think him new night I think introducing that element of offense which is going to come anyway because Jarrett Stidham is more mobile too so either way the patriots were gonna introduce more of that read option modern type NFL offense but and I think that excite spell check and probably excites McDaniels and in terms of where they're going as a running a running based offense Newton obviously is far more dynamic in that category the Brady too and if Sony Michelle returns to form a franchise and left guard this offseason me not to the patriots about their starting center David Andrews back healthy and they have three guys who can now play full back including two players who they drafted this year that's clearly the direction the patriots are moving find a really good and versatile defense and I Bella check as one league does this as the week goes this way Belichick is going that way and that you see that the roster construction of this team and I can even help

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