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New cases are Taking place in four states and so as you would anticipate where we are. Working with governors on state health officials in all the states that air impacted but were particularly focusing on the four states that are generating the majority of the cases, which course or California, Arizona, Texas. And Florida Some restaurant owners are again wondering if they can survive today's ban on dine in alcohol sales in Allegheny County, Katy K. Radios, Joe Dusty o reports. Glenn Holly won's upscale restaurants off the hook and Napa Prime in Warrendale tells Katie Katie radios Marty Griffin. It's not fair, The county won't enforce its own social distancing and mass requirements. L unit County. Hasn't said. Given me the exact same penalty have the violators, Paulie says. If it's crowded bars that are causing the problem. It's crowded bars that should be shut down. Many restaurants fear customers will up to stay home if they can't have wine or beer with their meal. Jody's Dio, whose radio 10 20 Katy K. Meanwhile, Governor Tom Wolfe says he supports Allegheny County is ban on alcohol sales but doesn't foresee any statewide crackdown on when a problem arises in Allegheny County. The whole state shouldn't shouldn't be asked to sort of say, OK, this is a one size fits all. The cannon. McMillin, a school district has canceled its graduation ceremony, which was scheduled for tonight at seven o'clock. It will now take place virtually this after school officials say some people were potentially exposed to the Corona virus during a graduation rehearsal yesterday, the State Department of Health says that anyone who attended that practice

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