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7 48 in the cool Rae carrier, W S. V 24 hour Traffic center had a tap on the brakes 75 85. South bound on the greater curve. That's now clear that a stalled vehicle 20 westbound, leaving 2 80 five's your approach Fullerton Industrial Boulevard. That's also been clear traffic sponsored by quick trip. Introducing online pickup from QuikTrip order many of the snacks and drinks you love on the Q T amp and they'll bring them out to you even at the pump. Download the app and they'll see you soon. Mike Boozer 95.5 W S. V. WSB triple team traffic alerts Fria for your smartphone powered by the WSB trapping team before you drive, open the app and set your smartphone aside. The feed you automatic audio alerts, warning you of major problems on your specific road ahead. If you ask me triple team traffic alerts, download it now in the APP store or Google play and use it every time you drive. Brought to you by cool raise lifetime parts and labor warranty. It's already a number one bestseller, and it's called Blitz. Trump will smash The left and win by famed author David Horowitz blitz makes predictions about

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