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Month. It's really, really tough and Rodway alone. If you look at the revenues lost from the


The city to get people out to sea shows to partake of the culture the city had to offer. Um and you know that the audiences were not fooled for a while. People were hesitant about coming back, so they were playing to 2/3 palaces, awful houses. But this, you know a closure that looks like it's going to be a year a full year. I would very much be surprised at this point of any show is going to come back before March April, which means a full 12 months and that is absolutely unprecedented. In the financial losses are astronomical. I want to talk a little bit more about the impacts to the industry. So an idol industry for a full 12 months What happens to the actors? What happens to the directors? What? What happens to the support staff? Well, you know, it's I mean, Petty. I hate to use words like heartbreaking. It sounds so Um, over the top when we're talking about a pandemic that has Cost countless lives and caused economic distress to so many people. But the impact on the theater community is pretty devastating. And you know, Broadway is at the higher paid end of the spectrum. So when you think about the smaller companies, the off Broadway companies How those actors they're getting by without their health insurance without any possibility of work for the next month. It's really, really tough and Rodway alone. If you look at the revenues lost from the for 12 month period for much, 2019 to 2020 that was 1.8 billion in box office. And when you consider the economic factors, the other contingent industries that that feed off Broadway Taxis and car services, restaurants, clubs, Um A bar's all of that in the theater district. Basically, the the general thinking is two multiplied by four. So you're talking about losses, economic losses to the city of about $7 billion. David, This is a naive question, not knowing anything about these productions in terms of what they take in advance work. But at what point will Broadway need to start gearing up for its re opening? I mean months in advance. Well, that that's again a tough one to answer, Jeff because You know, normally show will start ticket sales anywhere from six months to a year before it opens the sales from music Man I think started about 10 months before The original start date. Um So you know, and those advances can build up. You know, a show with high expectation. Like you know Hugh

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