Chicago - 2 Injured In Crash Involving Semi-Trailer I-294; Lanes Blocked Near Golf Road


Tarsem issues on the south side of I 65 in northwest Indiana. This is all because of an earlier crash involving a some other ended up in the ditch. The good news is Cruz with heavy equipment. Got the somebody out of the digits now kind of sitting there. Between the first and second lanes. You still have the two right lanes blocked south found 65 before 61st Avenue traffic just getting by in the left lane. South bound and it is jammed up from 80 94 all the way down to the scene here because of just a single in getting bias here really backed up on the South bound side of I 65. The delay actually starts on 80 94 eastbound. Starting all the way back and burn overnight 65 because the extra into south and 65 is jammed as well. So expect some extra travel time. If you're heading south on I 65 trying to get into Merrillville and points south on the Edens Expressway were looking good on the in bound side. Outbound 22 from Montrose DeLay, cook, Moving roadwork and Lane from Foster out to Peterson is the culprit here. Kennedy and about 26 from O'Hare, 16 from the junction. Outbound. No problems. The Eisenhower no delays in around the Stevenson looking good between 3 55 and Lakeshore drive on the Dan Ryan in about 20 minutes from 95th. 20 on the outbound trip 57 year. Okay? The Bishop Ford Inbound is in pretty good shape. But the up outside of the Ford slow fromthe Ryan out to 115th because of moving roadwork in the left lane, 22 minutes from the dam right now to 80 94. Lakeshore drive north down slow approaching the Chicago River, but no south bound issues on the tri state Tollway south bound. We still have a exit ramp at golf roadblock because of an earlier pen and crash involving a semi Injuries were involved in this crash too much earlier. State police remain on the scene investigating and doing clean up so the exit ramp to golf is block from the south and Tri State. Your best option. It's not clothes, but your best option is to excellent Willow road instead. Elsewhere on the tollway's eastbound Jane Adams just passed around 47 we had earlier crash. Everything is on the shoulder. Now. Reagan 3 55 53 All clear. No. I 80 issues to report at the moment Westbound 80 94. Slow from Ripley to Central in

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