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If Cam Newton is the start of the season,


NFL draft writer online with US, Obviously, Newton going into England. I mean, it's a draft story, but it is a football story. And it's a big one. Here. What? Your thoughts just maybe maybe, you know, broad, big picture, and then we'll maybe get into some details on Newton going to the Patriots. Yeah. Big picture on. I actually wrote about this at CBS. Sports like Right When this news came down the other night that to me, it raises the Patriots for like I was not a believer in Jared did, um When he was coming into the draft or into the NFL from Auburn. I was surprised when the Patriots picked him in the fourth round. I could have foreseen a situation where yes, the defense is going to be good in New England with Belichick therein the personnel they have Decent run game, But I thought he could be a really bad quarterback and they could win 56 Maybe seven games I think with Kim knew in that floor is raised on DH, then also big picture. He's certainly still very talented. He's 652 40. But I'm just curious as to how much he will be used in the design run game that we saw the last couple of years and Carolina I always kind of took it as new and really didn't want to. Run the football as much and was talking to his office coordinators and round Rivera saying, Hey, let's scale it back a little bit. I'm taking a lot of hits. Um, And so it'll be interesting to see how much he's used in the run game, and if he is used a lot where he's the most dangerous when he could be that true dual threat Can he last in entire season, and he hasn't been able to do that in the last couple years. Yeah, I think that is For this for them to get off the ground with this. Obviously, his health is at the very front of the line. I think if he's he's reasonably healthy, he can run. It would be like maybe what he was five years ago was a runner. But if he can still be a threat, then I think it's a big. It's a big change to what New England's had offensively as great as Brady is at what Brady does. You know, you confined kind of a different way to move the ball. If you've got a quarterback that has Newton skill set Yeah, And that's the other kind of big picture takeaway is that it's going to be a different identity. Offensively. I mean, obviously, Cam Newton and Tom Brady have almost poor opposite skill sets. We're not going to see is much dink and dunk yards after the catch probably won't be accentuated as much as it was really for the past 20 years. I don't think James White is gonna have 100 catches out of the backfield. I'll probably be more of a downfield element to the passing game and probably just Mohr heavy SATs where Cam Newton will just carry the ball right off the shotgun snaps, so we haven't Really seen that from the Patriots in awhile and certainly builds fans know how many times that the Bills lost a close game to the Patriots because of a missed tackle on Julian Edelman or Wes Welker? Danny Amendola? Um, in these games where you could just never get to break because he was getting rid of it so quickly. I think the offense is going to be a little bit. Maur, boomer bus, big plays but will be more three and out. Cam Newton intends to hold the ball obviously a lot longer than Tom Brady did. So it's just interesting. We're used to this Patriots. Dink and dunk yards after the catch offense, and that's probably not what we're going to see if Cam Newton is the start of the season, right? Yeah, you've got Yeah, Brady, just putting the ball like that. There's all kinds of accuracy right? But like the Brady accuracy that allowed guys to max out on what they could do after Catching a short pass is maybe a sneaky, underrated part of his game because like that's that's that's a lot of it. Yeah, And there were so many times where Really? In the last 10 years. You have been different teams that the bills have had good pass rushes.

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