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Well there was big news coming last night. Courtesy of our Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen former MVP cam. Newton is a free agent. No more instead Newton is heading to new. England to join forces with bill, Belichick and follow in the footsteps of another MVP Tom Brady. And Cam Newton's cryptic fashion. He had this to say the instagram. I'm excited because I know what right now all praise to God dropping contact tomorrow. I hope you're ready Hashtag. Let's go pat. And so now we know, and we'll start with Adam Schefter, and our health hall of Famer. Steve Young One one. Just tell us how we got here. How did this deal get done? Listen I think it took Cam Newton a little bit of time to recognize that there was not a thirty plus million dollar a year job on the market when you released two weeks into the free agent signing period not only that there's not an obvious starting job that's out there, and so the longer this went on, and the less he heard from teams, and there really was nobody that he heard from the more he recognized that he had to find the right spot. And if you're going to find the right spot, there's nothing wrong with taking new. England Riga tour with Bill Belichick and Josh mcdaniels, and the new quarterbacks coach Jed fish in an offense. That obviously is going. Going to be trying to replace Tom Brady where you're competing with the guy like Jarret, Stidham hasn't proven that he can play yet in the NFL and so cam. Newton goes to New England on a one year deal where he gets to reestablishes value show that he's healthy, and over the shoulder and foot injuries that he has been dealing with the last two years, and this is the the place that he now tries to relaunch his NFL career at the age of thirty one, which should be most quarterbacks, the prime of their career, no question and Adam. How likely is it that this is in effect? A one year auditioned for Cam to be with the Patriots beyond this season. Wendy what I would say is this if Cam Newton plays well, the Patriots obviously would be interested in resigning him, and if not, they have the ability to move on from him. It depends on how the year goes. It's difficult to forecast that right now. All we know is that the Patriots signed a former. Most Valuable Player who won that award in two thousand fifteen, who has tremendous ability who goes into this offense, and now we'll have to learn it, which is not going to be an easy task in a shortened off season for put as the ability to be dominant quarterback. If he can pick up that system if he plays that way, you would think that no one would not let him out. Out, the door, but again there's a whole year. They WANNA see Newton. They WANNA see them. They want to see a year goes to. It's truly to say that just yet well. Yeah, I mean a lot can happen in a year. We've all we've all seen that in Steve. How do you like the fit between cam? Newton and what he brings on the field and the New England patriots. When healthy. Rusted Cam Newton mean it's like. Manna from heaven right I mean in many ways I, think Josh, mcdaniel and Bill Belichick sitting around a lot of times. Saying. Could you imagine what we could do with this guy or that? Guys? They play these players. Run the League, and they see them in places where I'm sure they say because they're supreme of conference. Not Hubris just supreme confidence that if we could get a hold of him what we could do with him, and we can really expend on what you're seeing around the league. What we can do is special, and so I'm sure they're saying this about. If Cam comes in his foot is okay. Because we know the arm is all right, we should. We saw that early last year before. So. We know that he's healthy. If his what is good and he can move, you've got. Hungry. Sophisticated and the type caliber Blair in New England, where you have bill and Josh saying you can't imagine what we're GonNa, do with this kid and so I think that's I. think that's the conversation. That's happening right now. New England, Steve. Look it's anybody's guess at this point, but you. You have an opinion very qualified one. What do you believe the likelihood? Is that Cam Newton? Is the Patriots Starting Quarterback Week One? Again if healthy, if he can move around, I can't imagine them with his talent level, and what they think they can do them again. It becomes a you know it's a proof point for what they're out to show their out to show that we can do special things with special players, and so it's it becomes A. A right of passage to be in New England, and that we can take somebody, and we can show you amazing things that can be done and they've done that with flair after play after player so Cam Newton and healthy can move around. I. It's GonNa be, too. It's like a gravitational force when it's to special to be able to show what they can do with a great Cam Newton. Yeah,

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