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Gulf after much earlier crash, But the cleanup was extensive. So and still heavy, but you can go ahead and use Lewis now through Waukegan. You go ahead to use Aiden's because it's clear so that won't take too long at all. Kennedy at 12 the Montrose It's 10 in the Express, 32 0 Herrmann, 35 from Alert 25 off the junction. What heavy Still both ways of the Eisenhower up on 22 to Mannheim 35 23 91 38 from 3 90 It's 25 in from Mannheim. Up on Stephenson's 24 to the Tri state 30 43 55 But inbound is clear about on them. Ryan about 25 about this 15 U have a North bond 57 crash blocking Elaine at Volmer there. Outbound vapors. Delay begins at 167 Bishop boards. Okay. What isn't is the south side

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