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He claims the book violates a non disclosure agreement


Campaign. 2020 ON W T O P. Amy McGrath has won the Democratic Senate primary in Kentucky shall face Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in November. Voting ended a week ago, but elections leaders needed time to count the many absentee ballots that were cast. Kentucky switched a widespread absentee voting because of the pandemic. A graph narrowly defeated progressive candidate Charles Booker to set up what is likely to be a big money bruising campaign against McConnell. She was backed by the Democratic establishment and has raised enough money to put her on equal footing with the always well funded majority leader. No New Donald Trump BOOK. For now, a nude should say New York State judge has issued a temporary restraining order blocking the publication of a book by Mary Trump. President Trump's niece married Trump had planned to publish the book next month. The book is reported to be an unflattering account of her relationship with the president. His father, Fred, and other family members. The president's brother, Robert Trump, had asked for the restraining order. He claims the book violates a non disclosure agreement that was part of the settlement of Fred Trump's estate. 7

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