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Infections daily. And if Americans don't start following public health recommendations, it could hit 100,000. I'm very concerned because it could get very bad, saying outbreaks in some areas could hurt the whole nation. States of the South East and West have started rolling back reopening plans like closing beaches and bars heading into the July 4th weekend. Soccer Megane Washington Wins news time. Two of seven former Vice President Joe Biden again blasting President Trump's response to the planned Emmick Mohr from correspondent Jeri Byrd, Joe Biden and accused President Trump of abandoning the country He leads in the midst of this growing crisis. Donald Trump failed, Biden says Trump is in retreat, and it seems like our wartime presidents surrendered. Waive the right fly. What white flag? Left the battlefield. Can't continue half worry mass and half rejecting science. The president has barely mentioned the new surgeon cases, and he still refuses to wear a mask in public. Biden also said he would release a shortlist of potential black female

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