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Oh, yes, a very important letter, Carl son, Rob Reiner said on Twitter. He was my guiding light.


Protester holding a pro independence flag has be become the first person to be arrested under a day old national security law passed by lawmakers in mainland China. It'll all directly target some of the actions Hong Kong protesters used last year. Critics say the law effectively ends the one country, two systems style of governance promised to Hong Kong after British rule ended 23 years ago. This is NPR news. Support for NPR comes from Carnegie Corporation of New York, supporting innovations in education, Democratic engagement and the advancement of international peace and security. More information is available online at Carnegie DOT or GE and the Amy E. Casey Foundation. What has happened now is that our economies had been partially shut down, Um out of deliberate policy. I've never experienced a virus anything like this. It is so dangerous. You're locking down economy's doing immense amount of Yeah, we're talking not just about any cures choice facing them could be could be dying from infection or dying from hunger way cannot let the pure be worse than the problem itself. We're not gonna let the cure be worse than the problem. It is so dangerous but also so easy to underestimate final words there from David Navarro, who leads the World Health

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