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Carl Reiner Onda. Lot of celebrities remembered him. We're gonna hear


Hero to me and all of us in comedy have lost a giant All of my love to rob and the family. He tweeted, and he posted a picture of himself with Carl Reiner. Ed Asner said. Very sad to awake. Tio awake to the news that Carl Reiner has passed. They will forever be only one of him. May his memory be forever blessed. He leaves a so much laughter. My heart goes out to Rob Reiner and the entire Reiner family. Alan Alda shared a picture of himself with Reiner. And set. My friend Carl Reiner died last night. His talent will live on for a long time. And the loss of his kindness and decency leaves a hole in our hearts. We love you, Carl. Tracy's on W G. N on 7 20 WG and high I Tracy. Nick. I remember Carl Reiner from your show of shows where he was straight man, and that was the original Saturday Night Live. And they did the craziest Have you ever seen any? Of course, you know? Yeah. Yeah, of course I've seen I've seen tons of your show of shows grand sharing. That was hysterical. I mean, Mike here. I I still think it was funny. Then there there awhile. Brilliant stuff. Really, Really funny. Yeah, Okay. Never stuck. Thank you. Thank you. Steve Martin. Thanks Reiner and said goodbye to the greatest mentor in movies and in life. Good place in Park Recreation, Park Parks and rec creator Michael Sure, said. The Dick Van Dyke Show debuted in 1961. It's still funny. That's a magic trick. Rest in peace, Carl Reiner. One of the greatest comedy magicians of all time. Roseanna Arquette. Responded. Tio Rob Reiner is tweet about his father's death. I am so sad for your loss, Rob. I met him some years ago. He was kind and funny, and he made us laugh so much, and that's a gift, she said William Shatner. Says condolences to the family of Carl Reiner from the writers room of Sid Caesar to creating those times for the Dick Van Dyke Show. Carl was a master at his craft. I knew him only peripherally. But it was a pleasure to have known him. Mia Farrow. Recalled the unforgettable time that she met him. We lost the person who gave us great times and countless laughs. He was brilliant and kind. I met him only once, but I will never forget his gentle thoughtfulness. He was with us through the good times in the hard times. Thank you, Carl Reiner and his memory will be a blessing. You know what he used to do before he would eat breakfast? No, you'd read the obituaries. Oh, he says, I'd read the obituaries. And if I wasn't in him, I have breakfast at I I think I remember that quote some time ago, so it's a beautiful sentiment and and that's that's what it's all about. Is you Get up. You're still alive and you go on with yourself, You know? Or he was something Um The wire and trim a actor Wendell Pierce. That would be bunk.

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