People in Texas who lost jobs because of Corona virus


Tonight. People in Texas who lost jobs because of Corona virus will still be eligible for unemployment benefits, even if they're not actively looking for a new job. That's the word from Cisco Gum is with the Texas Workforce Commission. Says it's a response to the growing number of cases and the fact that some businesses that reopened had to shut down again. Search requirements, which is a federal law was suspended due to the covered 19 pandemic. From the outset, TWC has stated that bringing back work search would be conditions based, one of the sectors that was shut down again bars and taverns, a group of bar owners from across the state. Now asking a judge to block enforcement of governor Abbot's order temporarily closing bars to fight the spread of the virus. Several North Texas bars are part of the set of Duran owns Price Street Tavern and shots and Crafts and Denton and the North Side Drafthouse in Richardson all affected by the governor's order and closed east part of the lawsuit because his business is air being singled out when churches, theme parks and restaurants fighting Corona virus are not about restaurants

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