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Receive an intelligence briefing Wednesday on the alleged Russian plot to pay bounty for the killing of U. S. Soldiers in Afghanistan. It will be the first bipartisan briefing on the matter after the administration held a series of small meetings broken down unusually along party lines, maybe helps ABC NEWS Washington Trump appointed federal judge in Washington struck down the administration policy barring most Central Americans and other migrants from quite requesting asylum at the southern border in Russia, a week of voting on changing that country's constitution is in its final day, wants to prove President Vladimir Putin will be allowed to remain in power. Until 2036. You're listening to ABC News when used radio time is 302 Former Governor John Hickenlooper. Cruise to a 20 point victory over Andrew Romanoff in the Democratic primary for U S Senate. Now his singular focus is Republican Cory Gardner, the man he hopes to unseat for John Hickenlooper. There was little time to celebrate his primary victory over and Rome off in a virtual message, he predicted an onslaught of negative ads will be coming his way in the general election. He claims. That's because current Senator Cory Gardner can't run on his record. They can't defend Cory Gardner tryingto to gut people's health care. They can't defend Cory Gardner supporting tax breaks for the wealthiest individuals and corporations and Hickenlooper took sometime the flex his political muscle. I've never lost in election in this state. And I don't intend to lose this one. There's far too much at stake. Jury Bell Kayla News radio. It was a tough night for former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff is obviously not the outcome we were hoping for, You know a virtual speeds. Romanoff said He learned that there were far more important things than losing an election. His father

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