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Mr Putin, Mr Asper And US discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams


Phone and said Vladimiro Buddy. If any of this is true. And it doesn't see some either. You've got a big problem. A big problem. And make it clear. Get to the bottom. Some more there of Joe Biden today, reacting to those reports that the US has intelligence saying that Russia may have offered bounties to the Taliban to kill US troops in Afghanistan. NBC News has not confirmed any link between specific attacks and any alleged offers tonight defense secretary Mark Esper- released a statement that reads in part quote, although the Department of Defense has no corroborating evidence at this time to validate the recent allegations, regarding malign activity by Russian personnel against US forces in Afghanistan I want to assure all of our service members that the department takes very seriously any and all potential threats against US military personnel. With us again tonight, retired Four-star us. Army General Barry McCaffrey. Decorated combat veteran Vietnam any former battlefield commander in the Persian Gulf West Point graduate and a former adjunct professor their general. Thank you for joining us Let me start just with your reaction to the news and the developments of the last few days starting with that initial report in The New York Times and what you have heard from the president and the administration since. I've been part of the national. Security. Council meetings for both Democratic and Republican administrations. with two other administration I was in the White House, watch a national security interest. I have never seen anything like this my life. On a given day there are a thousand national security challenges were facing. They don't get discussed in the White House and se. Maybe the top three do show the allegation as reported by New York Times. Crybaby by other media, sources said this went to a full NFC meeting in March. There is absolutely no way that the president would have been told about. These are merging concerns. He had five phone calls with Mr Putin. I've been present when President United States. A head of state phone, call or meech ahead of state and his office. We go in and brief him. Everything about the background of the phone call. Nobody told the president. Hey you gotTa Tell Mr Putin. They're we're. We believe they're trying to kill our soldiers in Afghanistan. So, I think chalking MR s statement is profoundly disappointing. This was an interagency. Conclusion was an eight guys. This our men and women all over Washington CIA Department of Treasury Steak Apartment Department defense jcs all of them trying to hammer out conclusions about a threat to US forces. This is utter nonsense. A national security process is broken. You mentioned that statement from Secretary Asper. He mentions the men and women in uniform, and this story is ultimately about potentially at least military personnel, being killed in exchange for bounties offered up by Russian military intelligence. The effect of a story like this and everything that we're talking about right now. What is the effect of something like that on our troops? Will Look at you know staff charging and e four level and captain and Lieutenant Colonel and to command major. They think half these people trying to kill him anyway both the. Afghan forces who can turn guns on them. The child Ban Ha Connie network, so I think they would be shocked or particularly disturbed that the Russian put a bounty out our ED. Just another threat out there on the horizon, the people that are concerned about Detroit now. WHAT THE CENTCOM! Commander and his staff think about it. What about the Afghan Afghanistan joint commander in country? The interagency all over I assume that what went on Mr. Trump's mind was I'm trying to get Putin into the G. Eight. Reestablish A G eight. I don't want to confront him on any issues. The Russians think they can manipulate them and have been successful in doing so and so I think the word went out. He didn't WANNA. Hear this go. Maybe he wasn't officially brief, but there's no way he didn't know about this consensus. Emerging from the intelligence community Mr Asper shouldn't have put that statement out. All Right General Barry McCaffrey. Thank you as always for your time. Appreciate it. And coming up Mitch McConnell

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