TMHS 419: Pandemic & Protests: How To Heal & Build Healthy Relationships - With Guest Anne Stevenson


Shawn Stevenson and I'm so grateful you tuning in today I'm so excited about this episode. It's taking the locked to get my next guest on the show. It's my favorite guests of all time for a return visit person of all time, but it is not an easy deal to get her on today. We're GONNA. Talk about some really poignant important timely information about relationships about relating to each other right now in a world that is. Like if we're talking about stranger things, this is the upside down. The world is very very different. Right now but it's also ripe with opportunity and lessons to be learned, so I'm really excited about this conversation and she's been with me since the beginning. She's been with me when I lived in a Bachelor apartment I call it a bachelor apartment. It sounds better in Ferguson Missouri mattress on the floor I didn't even have a dresser. I kept my clothes and a little plastic bin. He you know it's just like super scrounging. End is getting by, but she came into my life as she stuck around. As it's been so rewarding for both of US I hope she'll share some of that today, but. Just a lot of lessons to be learned, and even then we're finding a way to stretch dollar finding a way to make things happen. I didn't have a cell phone we first met, and so she encouraged me to get a cell phone, so she can stay in touch with me or maybe. Keep tabs on me I don't know, but there's just like this back when we have cell phone minutes. Do you remember having minutes and after APM? You. Get the unlimited, so I'll call you back after eight. When you see your minutes, start to go up. I went over those minutes too many times, and all that other people feel my pain. But then unlimited after nine. You know it was one of those things that. Just finding little creative ways to make things happen and part of building financial success and kind of getting out of that. Condition that I was in that I grew up in. It's not just making income. It's also finding a way to be creative with saving. Because oftentimes there are, there are different ways that we can procure things that we enjoy and for me specifically. I'm a big I'm a Foodie, right? foodies become as popular term, but I definitely Moody enjoyer of food and a variety of different things, but even then when I met her, she knew that one invest. A lion share of my income into food and buying organic food, and buying these weird herbs and berries, and things like that that a lot of people didn't know about back then by go g berries like you know sixteen years ago and they weren't readily available at your favorite. You know even your favorite health food store, but today we have so much opportunity to save money to do things differently, because a lot of organizations have upped their game and we win once we have the. The competition of markets take place in one of those companies and my wife and I both know estate of so much freaking money year so far we've already saved. Hundreds of dollars is thrive market so thrive. Market is a curator and supplier of all of your favorite organic

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