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Miles Thomas from Crunchyroll and Sound! Euphonium - burst 07


It's accessible, but if no one's spending a lot of time very thoughtfully, lovingly and strategically marketing, those anime doesn't matter how big of a platform you're on because slow like. They'll have thousands of shows, but if there are shows that are on Hbo Max that Like My team is marketing the hell out of just in general just to get people to like the show in general than like it means long more likely that someone's like. Oh Hey I see this cool thing on twitter. Oh, it's on Hbo I'm going to watch it. Oh, what's crunchier and then like that's good. That's really good. Point and I I found anime in my teens, and solely for me. It was like the perfect I. Mean I've been watching it? Since I was a kid, but like it was more like I started like really falling in love with it, and so like to me, I think it's the perfect one. We're talking about networks or and streaming services like you think about all the. Age groups do we have the kids programming and I think that's the perfect time for teens to get into. Enemy starts starts getting to the adult content. It starts laying Menelik. Hey, there's real world consequences.

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