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1080 Evan Knox: Easy Profitable Marketing To Grow Your Business


Heaven to the Nice guys on business podcast. Hey, what's Doug I'm excited? Hang Out! Happy to have you here and you know marketing used to be in my mind. A four letter word until I really started to understand the the real four letter word that starts with the F., but that's fun. So can we. Can we start with finals because you know in our preliminary conversations like you brought up the word final, and I'm like Oh shit. We're GonNa Talk Finals today I'm like okay. I can't handle this I'm okay with finale. My goodness just tell me a about your experience, and then let's just hop into really. What Caffeine Marketing is talk about? Funnels talk about the fucked up nature in my head. That's going on about funnels and marketing. That I'm an old guy and I'm trying to learn new tricks, so let's start with all that stuff. Where you pick where you WANNA start. We'll go from there. Okay cool well. Let's start like a basic definition of marketing and market funnel. This is my two cents. I feel like you can cut it a thousand different ways, and often actually like if we give people more, or if we've been ourselves, think about more than three different buckets. We get confused, so let's get really simple. Got Brand awareness consideration in conversion in that order so the very top being brand awareness. That's when the people are not even aware of you, and you're all at that point is just to get people aware of your brand and your product or service consideration is the point in marketing funnel where we're trying to reinforce the offer. Tell them how to make their lives better identify what problem that you saw for your potential customers or clients and. And, lastly it's conversions making it as easy as possible for people to work with you internalize allies. What life is GonNa look like on the site so if we can make in those three buckets ran awareness consideration conversion. Really Technology doesn't intimidate the tools that we use whether that's like click on all's or unbound. They Split Gad's. Whatever all of that stuff can change as long as we understand it as marketing percents wants to begin with. All right, so you can we can we take a little bite into each one of these just so we can understand more how to be more effective, so let's just talk about you said. The first one was brand awareness. Is that right? Okay so let's take a little dive into what now obviously brand awareness is getting the market to know that you're even around so. Is there an effective non cost methodology to making your brand You know exposed to the to the you know I don't want to buy facebook ads I. Don't want. Buy Clear. Whatever's what's the best way to to get market to be aware that I even have a brand? Gregg questioned so I think the starting point. You don't spend money right because there's a thousand different ways to spend money to give you aware of your brand. I think it starts probably with leveraging resisting network. That could be posting on social media that in. Linked in great content on Seo can be a free thing. You GotTa do it well. Great ways to not spend a lot of money and get brand awareness, but I think the question. Is when you are investing into advertising, it's your you know. It really depends on how big you are right as Coca, Cola does not need people to be aware of the brand are already aware that exists there just in that consideration face for most people. They just reinforcing O'Brien. So if we go to the small business owner entrepreneur sell Okinawa or whatever. It's what is the most effective return on investment as far as your time, and also your money in that space, so you could create some sort of automated link and campaign That's kind of free. You could also DM people on instagram per se, that's also free picture your time, cold calling and cold emails. Those are always at. You're introducing yourself to someone who doesn't know who you are and will ever buy from you actually don't know what your product or service is. So those are freeways, but I think if you have some budget. You know facebook ads is always a good starting point, but you can also a lot of money that way if you don't. Well, let me throw this into the equation. Also because I think this is the. At least in my experience in advising businesses that are out there, not necessarily, but just about the entire business plan is that this has got to be a long tail play. This is not a brand. Awareness isn't just something that you turn on and a week later. You have it I. Mean I. Look at our our podcast production company Turnkey, and I look at the you know the four or five year run that we have had, and when you go from total obscurity to an influence, your inner space, it takes a long time to get there that you just can't pay for an ad and get that it. Do you feel the same or am I? Am I off base here? Now I think Joe's right so two things come to mind our clients. Hugh obviously they want results, and we wanted to liberate yourselves for them, and often that stuff how quickly, but another one that comes to mind is businesses that like I'm part of a private equity group in function like Cmo or the person who actually grows these companies, and so in those two approaches.

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