WKPWP - Wildcard Tuesday - AEW Fyter Fest vs. NXT Great American Bash preview with Keller, Lindberg, Krol, plus 10 Yrs Ago Flagship w/Powell - burst 25


Wrestlers from. Ron's backed out appearing on and people who love ECKSTEEN. Don't like Ron. smackdown might hate. Hate it but the fact is? There are a lot more people watching Ron smackdown and they're not the types of fans who necessarily settle in and listen to these podcasts, and our as quote into wrestling as people who listen to this are, but there's a lot of them out there, and if you bring one or two stars from around smackdown over to annex t for week two, and you announce it a week ahead of time that that can be a difference maker, and what can eight UW counter with? What do they have? Hand do they have to play? Because Eric will look at week two and it's Moxley cage I would say George Cassidy was a big attraction, but just got. Slaughtered in the in the viewership data last week. Still think that's an attractive match, but other than that. It's multi person matches. That, don't have a huge huge backstory or hook to them and Lance Archer George Annella. Is I think you want to make that quick 'cause you might lose viewers as the sun kissed you. L. Match did last week. I lost a lot of yours. You gotTa make that quick so I

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