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Russian bounties with Rep Adam Schiff - burst 18


Question for you on the quality of the intelligence itself of what comes next I mean the most charitable way. I could look at this controversy over this Russia Taliban. Connection intelligence is maybe there was some dispute over the strength of the information Maybe they were still trying to run down. Down the veracity of this intelligence subsequent news leaks lead me to believe that actually the intelligence case here sounds to me quite strong, but I wanted to just raise that with you. in, ask the question you know. Was this intelligence potentially disputed among different agencies? COULD THAT BE? Why didn't get the attention or the response? Merited, and then do you think hearings are going to be necessary and appropriate to really get to the bottom of what happened here? That is clearly the message that are pushing out. that. We didn't show this with the president because there were dissenting views. That's what. It's been publicly reported now. I can't comment on whether This is what they're. They're saying prime relate. Because I don't WanNA betray those conversations, but that's publicly what they're pushing out. But you know the the reality. Is that and we? We've heard similar kind of in my view. Dodgers in the past that unless you have everything signed sealed and delivered unless you have something in writing from bladder. And tested with with what well, then you can't really be sure of it right. After all as the president told us in Helsinki well the Russian. Strongly deny it I. If you heard Peskov yesterday. He denied it strongly. We'll forget. It must not be true if the Russians deny it well you know is. No you break the president. On, and you make sure that the president understands the limitations of intelligence and. And if it's serious. You do everything possible to Erase whatever doubts that you can so that you can arm. The president with the information you need to make good judgments, and so we are. I hope going to have a briefing of Intelligence Committee this week. And get further insights into these allegations. The strength of the evidence behind them. Whether. There were differing interpretations of any reported. Intelligent, so we we do hope to get those answers and to get them soon one last follow up for me congressman on that as as someone who resented consumer of intelligence for eight years. To. Look at the documents and I know you can't get into specific documents, but I wanNA. Talk generally to look at the documents reported on by the New York Times. You know reference the presidential daily briefing. That's a written document. It reportedly mentioned the wire. Which I received for eight years and thousands of people in the government received it referenced interogations with Taliban officials again. There'd be written records of that. What is your capacity? I think in a normal Congress with the normal administration. All of those documents, except for the presidential daily briefing would be totally accessible to you as chairman of.

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