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Good morning, Pam Warner.


Are finally and for last week's Kentucky primary. Former Marine pilot Amy McGrath has been declared the winner shall challenge incumbent Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in the fall. That primary was for the Democratic Party in Colorado Businesswoman Lauren Bo Burt is upset five term Congressman Scott Tipton in the Republican primary for that state's third congressional district. She'll run in November's general election against Diane Mitch Bush. Who won the Democratic nomination Tuesday. Former Colorado Senator John Hickenlooper has won the state's Democratic Party Senate primary. He'll challenge Republican Senator Cory Gardner in November. President Trump Tweeted early this morning that he'll veto the latest defense authorization bill if it includes an amendment, sponsored by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is talking about an amendment sponsored by Warren and other lawmakers calling for military bases that were named after Confederate soldiers to get new names. The renaming amendment comes his secretary of defense. Mark Casper and other Pentagon leaders said they're open a bipartisan discussions about renaming bases in Washington. Joel NATO Fucks News in New York New York City lawmakers have approved a plan to shift $1 billion from policing to education and social services in the coming year. Spending plan was passed by the New York City Council. But Council speaker Corey Johnson

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