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That's the only reason this conversation is even valid because Antonio Brown is a damn good football player. I mean, he is one hell of a wide receiver when he's not being a moron. The problem is he has just been such a moron in such a public fashion that you can't turn a blind eye to it anymore. There are certain antics you could put up with, And that's why Pittsburgh kept him as long as they did like, Yeah. Throw all of the Gatorade bottles that you want you on the sideline. Just please catch some touchdowns. You want to Facebook live like stop doing that. But if you're doing it, whatever you're still really, really good, But eventually you hit that breaking point. And Antonio Brown hit that breaking point in Pittsburgh, which is an organization that gave him way too many options are way too many opportunities. He I don't even know if he really like hit the breaking point in Oakland or him. He just consistently was the breaking point in Oakland. That situation was so unbelievably confusing and they did a terrible job documenting it on hard knocks. I will never let them live that down. He basically force his way in New England and New England couldn't even handle it. And they did. They did their due diligence, and they still couldn't get all of this baggage that Antonio Brown had. Now, the nice thing for Antonio Brown. Is that a lot of that baggage a lot of the criminal baggage at least. Well, that is all kind of done with. He is still dealing with civil issues with some of the cases that we have read about those air still going on. But the criminal stuff is gone. So I mean, if you if you're looking for a win in the situation of Antonio Brown, there's your win. The criminal charges are basically done with. He just now has to deal with all the civil stuff, which is the reason that the NFL put him on the non exempt list in the first place. And that's maybe the one thing that were almost kind of missing in this because we have to shift through so much information about Antonio Brown to even get here. But if Antonio Brown does get signed, he is immediately going to get hit with a suspension and is likely going to be six games. Boom just right off the bat. So if you bring Antonio Brown in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers locker room, he's automatically suspended

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