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Virtual curriculum based on guidance from the CDC and the Lake County and state public


On religious grounds. Tim Keller with the Institute for Justice, which litigated the case on behalf of three Montana families, says the decision impacts 36 states with similar constitutional provision. 14 of those prohibited religious educational options in school choice programs, he says. The ruling prohibits states including Montana from excluding religious options in those programs. For NPR news. I'm Aaron Bolton, Dr Anthony found, she warned today. New daily cases of covert 19 could double if Americans won't wear face masks and practice social distancing. He says new cases could climb to 100,000 day. The Chinese government is making an experimental vaccine available to members of its military. NPR's Joe Palka has more. The Chinese biotech company can sayno biologics revealed the agreement with the Chinese military and a stock filing with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. All of the vaccine has not yet been shown to prevent Cove in 19 initial tests have shown that it is safe to administer and induces the kind of immune response that should help someone fight off the virus. For now, the vaccine

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