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Their services are covered by tax dollars. Not anything you would ever pay.


Herring, says he has successfully defended the state's mask or face covering requirement against a challenge from a Faqir County winery as Kobe cases spike in areas around the country. We know our progress in controlling covert in Virginia, Israel, but it requires a sustained commitment to doing things like wearing a mask and social distancing. The Phillip Carter Winery had challenged the governor's power to order the use of face coverings. It says the order conflicts with a state law that bans the wearing of a mask in public with the intent to conceal one's identity. Today. A judge on the 12th traditional Circuit denied the winery's request. She says Not only can the governor order you to wear a face covering, but state law explicitly anticipates the need for such an order. 7 13 warning you might get a call from somebody pretending to be a covered 19 contact Tracer, But it's really a scam meant to take your money. Virginia's Health Department says Really contact tracers will never ask for money or for a social Security number, bank account details, credit card numbers or payment of any form. If you're asked about that, just hang up. Their services are covered by tax dollars. Not anything you would ever pay. The health Department says legitimate contact tracers Let people know when they may have been exposed to someone who has had covert and then educate you about what to do next and advise you about testing quarantines and monitoring for symptoms. 7 14 a young man who worked his way through college. A sanitation employee is now seeing all that effort pay off. He's been accepted into one of the nation's most selective law school. Johnston and his brother

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