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Rolled over onto a car, so the cleanup is certainly extensive. Not going anywhere anytime soon. You lose the two right lanes. Orban. Tri State. Gay pers Delays gone but you are heavy as you board the Ike amounts. How did they even still heavy for you to crash on the right shoulder? Would Sco Qi 25 minutes late could grow to the Kennedy. Uh, pawns, okay? Kennedy out 22 Montrose 15 of the Express, 38 to O'Hare. About his 40 O'Hara did the Jane Byrne, 28 off the junction up on Eisenhower slowing Sacramento to past awesome, So it's 23 demand about 36 23 90 about his 38 3 90 coming in 25 from Mannheim Stevenson out on the brakes, David Pulaski, But then you're all right, 25 to the Tri State 35 to 3 55 inbound, 32 from veterans. South of north of 55 jam through the road Works zone at Arsenal up on Dan Ryan, 27 Bodies 18 sluggish on the in bound side rather than north bound side of 57 because of a crash blocking Elaine at Volmer, solid from US 30 Up on tight. Oppa's well, 17 80 then of course you're gaping. T Get to Romer upon Bishop Ford, 17 about is clear South on Lake Shore Drive filling in Michigan, down to Chicago north on heavy Randolph to Monroe and still so north bound on 3 55 63rd to Maple crash blocking the right lane Heavy on 80. Both ways, nearing 57 80 94 though, is cleared out for you still

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