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Right now in Boston and overcast. It's seven o'clock. Good evening to you. I'm Nicole Davis. Thanks for joining us tonight. Here's what's happening. The first time in months, the state of Massachusetts reporting no new deaths today from covert 19 governor Baker said he's taking new steps to try to protect the Commonwealth Amida spiking cases in the South and Southwest, effective July 1st, all travelers arriving to Massachusetts, including Massachusetts. Residents returning home are instructed to self quarantine for 14 days unless they're travelers from Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, May, New York and New Jersey. Oh, many of our favorite events have been canceled or postponed this year because of Cove in 19 Unfortunately, tonight, we've got two more to add to the list. The Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield. You know, it is the biggie Well, officials today said that is canceled for this year and also in Carver King Richard's Faire canceled for this year as well. 701 a cautious economic forecast now by the Federal Reserve chair, Jerome Powell told lawmakers today. Despite encouraging new data, a full economic recovery is unlikely until people feel safe. As the economy reopens. Incoming

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