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Francis Anderson, Steve And Walker Urbanism discussed on All Things Considered


Enabled millions of people of all ethnicities to gain access to jobs across the region to drive to cheaper housing. Now that model off planning development is itself currently in question. But as we all stop right now, to think about the ways in which structural racism has shaped our lives, I'd say that considering the actual structures around us should be part of that dialogue structures that aren't statues. The freeway's freeways that have been constructed over the course of decades in southern California and all across the country, as they say France's history is US. Francis Anderson, who runs W's design and architecture desk. Francis. Thanks. You're very welcome, Steve. All those concrete structures that move cars farther and faster at the only thoroughfares that are part of a larger issue of systemic racism on the other side of the freeway or down below it. Develop neighborhoods and cities as innocuous or well intentioned as they may seem, have also contributed to the plight of blacks and people of color, papa parks, new bike lanes, even playgrounds. Can prove detrimental. If folks from all walks of life don't have input on how those developments are planned for two people who live and breathe urbanism and urban planning are here to talk about it. A little Walker Urbanism editor curbed and a regular contributor here on greater Ella. Hey, Elissa, Hi, Steve and Dr Destiny. Thomas heads up, a consulting firm called

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