Where to Go and When


Love Buddy and welcome to another episode of this week in travel name is. Gary Aren't coming to you from quasi quarantine here in. EXCITING MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA. With me is usual that laughter you can hear in. The background is Mr Chris Christianson. How're you doing Sir I'm doing well? Living in a much less exciting city and I'm okay with that. But you are keeping busy. Oh Yeah Travel. Lot Of? Zip because twice within the last nine days. It's pretty good I do that on a daily basis just because I'm walking distance from like the next ZIP code. They say much also from Sunny California gentlemen. Are we doing jen? Guys happy to reconnect with you and I've been doing travel daydreaming and excitedly looking forward to a day trip to L. A. This weekend. Wow, so that'll get on the horse. That'll take you about a day to get there I assume and then exactly exactly. And what are you GonNa? Do in La we are going to have a distance barbecue with my husband's cousin. which is more exciting every day that we're still saying? In between Minnesota and California, is our guest Sherry coming from Denver Colorado? How're you doing sheriff? I am great. Thanks for having me. You've been on the show before right. A long three or four times, but yeah, it's like. Himself or so? But, it's been a while actual as in say. The last time I saw when I moved to Denver, so that was three years ago. Well. There's so much travel stuff going on now. people are just leaving their houses and going to places. We. We do have a couple of stories This one. I thought was great and I was kicking myself after reading it because. I hadn't thought of IT I. there is a woman in China who made. Over a half, a million dollars buying travel insurance on flights she predicted would get delayed. And then cashing in on it. and. You know this I. There was I. think it was windy. Perrin was like last year or the year before she made like ten thousand dollars when her family was going to go on a trip and she was in new. York and the flights got cancelled like she had a flight cancelled. Then the next flight got canceled. Whatever whatever like storm went through? And I? Wish I'd kind of put it together like if you know like a big storms, coming or a hurricane or something like that, just by like one hundred tickets get them all canceled, and then like have the airline reimburse you or something? I think you could do that. I don't know if it would actually work. But. I guess the Insurance Company that are the company's. She had different accounts that she used to to not draw attention to herself. Closed loop hole, so you can't really do it anymore. Well. That's in China I. Don't know. Maybe you could still get away with with abandoned in the US. But I know that like the Happens a lot. We have these overbooked flights and they'll you know they'll? They'll say. I'll give x number of hundreds of dollars in a travel voucher. And I also know from friends who work in the airline industry that are sites where you can look to see because they do like a non ref flights disea- If a flight is booked, so part of me always wonders if you couldn't book such a flight and then just. You know arrange it such that. You could then get the. Flight Coupon. Canceled A ticket. Get your money back and just keep doing that.

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