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On NewsRadio, 10 80 Carol Dean. The Texas Workforce Commission will extends one of the policies that adopted earlier this year. For people who lost their jobs because of Code 19 due to the resurgence of covered 19 cases in Texas. The reinstatement of work such requirement has been paused. Cisco Gomez with the Texas Workforce Commission says they had temporarily drop the requirement that people getting unemployment benefits actively search for a new job. They were scheduled to go back to their original policy on Monday. They've decided to keep the new policy in place because of the Surgeon Cove in 19 cases and the number of businesses that have been shut down in the past few days. Several North Texas bar owners are part of a lawsuit against Governor Greg Abbott and his decision to close all bars. Carol. These healthy, Philip says they think bars are shouldering and undo share of the blame. The governor not only closed the bars in the state last week, he said he probably rush to allow them to open

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