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Black and Brown, New Yorkers are disproportionately dying from covert, 19 are disproportionately policed.


0 to the City Council votes on a city budget, which includes Significant cuts and will shift about a $1,000,000,000 from the NYPD E to education and social Services. Theeighty $8 billion city budget goes a lot further than a hiring freeze at the NYPD D. We're talking about hiring freezes for agencies across the board. In the case of NYPD. It's a headcount reduction, Amir de Blasio says. That's 1163 fewer cops with the elimination of the July cadet class. And over time will be scrutinized and reduced. The mayor, adding money for a new 116th Precinct house in southeast Queens will instead go to building a community center are police leadership will tell you this any time we're investing in young people? We're helping you fight crime a different way on. The mayor says the budget does not call for any pay cuts or furloughs. But he adds that unless there are labor concessions or a Washington bailout, 22,000 city workers could be let go in October. Al Jones, 10 10 wins news Wins news time. 10 03 According to the Daily News. The new budget projects 42 million in revenue from extra parking tickets, so heads up on that. Three people arrested earlier during a protest near City Hall where demonstrators were calling for the de funding of the NYPD. The Daily News also reporting that New York City public advocate you money, Williams is threatening to block the budget if it does not include an NYPD hiring freeze. Williams under the city Charter, says his signature is required for the city to collect property taxes. City Comptroller Scott Stringer put out a statement blasting the budget. Quote

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