Of your money. Fed Chairman


Fed Chairman Jerome Powell says getting the Corona virus under control is vital to the U. S economy. In testimony to Congress, he said he's open to the idea of lowering the threshold for government loans to Main Street businesses below $250,000. Stocks rallied into the clothes today, the Dow gained nearly 1% the S and P of 1.5% on the NASDAQ, up nearly 2% back above the 10,000 level at the end of trading at the end of the quarter, Wall Street recorded its best quarter in Decades after the closing Bell shares a FedEx sword after a prophet surprise on cost cuts and a surgeon health equipment deliveries. Wall Street is known for its advanced trading technology. But as the covert pandemic royal markets in March, many traders relied on much older technology they picked up the phone. A report by Greenwich Associates says 42% of the trading volume in U. S. Treasuries in March was done over the phone. Compared with just 29% in February.

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