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The state now has 63,870 confirmed


The state now has 63,870 confirmed cases and 5947 confirmed deaths. Dr Anthony Fauci says Corona virus cases could grow to 100,000 day in the U. S. If Americans don't start following public health recommendations. The nation's leading infectious disease expert, made the remark at the Senate hearing on re opening schools and workplaces. Alas, state flag bearing the Confederate Battle Emblem has been retired Republican governor Take the Reeves has signed a landmark bill retiring Mississippi's 126 year old state flag that included the Confederate Stars and bars. The move was applauded by Myrlie Evers Williams, the widow of civil rights activist Medgar Evers sends a message to all Mississippians. And it sends a message to the rest of the country. That Mississippi is a part of these United States of America. Medgar Evers was assassinated by a white supremacist in the driveway of his Jackson, Mississippi, home in 1963. Jim Krystle, a CBS News A judge in Atlanta set bond at 1/2 $1,000,000 for a former police officer accused of murdering Rae Shard. Brooks

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