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Monitor Show 21:00 07-01-2020 21:00 - burst 1


BusinessWeek Every Business Day market sell. That's spreading around the globe Bloomberg BusinessWeek podcasts. Were Carol Massar and Jason Kelly? Let's see the Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Bite at Carol Magoo's breaking global business finance. INTECH news along with smart analysis. We know the Fed is going to be sure and steady. A Bloomberg BusinessWeek podcast has great great. Scoop on the terminal listen. Today on Bloombergradio, dot, com, the Bloomberg business APP or subscribe on Apple podcasts. The World Twenty four hours a day. Bloomberg, DOT, com, on the Bloomberg business, APP and quick take by Bloomberg. This is Bloomberg radio. This is Bloomberg Daybreak Asia. Continue to take a look at the fight against the corona virus, the infection curve flattening due to social separation PVC says it will pay more attention to economic growth and jobs travel restrictions around an out of Wuhan are now being eased. Is it China that's going to lead that consumer recovery? Crucial step here will be rapid and widespread testing Bloomberg Daybreak Asia live from Hong Kong and New York on Bloomberg radio. It is nine in the morning in Hong Kong trading in the equity market will not happen today because of a holiday. If you're joining us from the region, Good Morning I'm Doug Krizner at Bloomberg Interactive Brokers Studio in new. York And Juliette Solly Bloomberg Daybreak Asia presented by IB K. are the professionals gateway to the world's markets, their clients enjoy lowest cost access to stocks options futures for fixed income from a single integrated account. You can learn more I B. K. R. DOT COM. Let's get a check of market action now with Bloomberg's Bryan. Curtis

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