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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver


Silver says he does remain confident about the league's return to play plan. He tells times 100 talks A large number of cases would cause another league stoppage, the Denver Nuggets closing their team's practice facility. After initially reopening to players and staff on Saturday, a handful of positive test closed that down for the next couple of days, minor league Baseball is officially canceling its 2020 season and the first major league baseball trade since March. A minor one, the Padres acquiring minor leaguer Jorge Matteo from the A's for a player to be named later. Billy T M j paella w dot com Time Saver traffic No major incidents on the freeway system. You are looking good. 94. Outbound downtown to the zoo, seven minutes Rizzuto, Highway 16 will take the standard 10 minutes 41 45. South bound highway Q to the zoo. That's clear. That'll take you 14.

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