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Kansas Governor Democrat Laura Kelly ordering every person in the state to wear a mask in public spaces. Starting this Friday, buildings and businesses, restaurants and bars like Tanner's in Wind on County. Where Ryan cool He's the general manager. We're in a free society, so don't make it tougher for people wanting to go out but Mass on but Hopefully keep everybody safe for people in Kansas will also have to wear masks in outdoor spaces were social distancing. Can't be maintained this after the state with increased to testing showed more cases of Corona virus, though also amid the plummeting death rate from its peak in Kansas in April. Jeff Man also Fox News, smoking and drinking alcohol or any other beverages and eating will not be allowed when the casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Open up again Thursday. One major casino the Borgata The scrap plans for reopening after hearing the decision with Governor Phil Murphy, a ball resorts casino said it will open Thursday as planned, and for a week of waiting, we now know who will face Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell this November, former Marine pilot Amy McGrath was able to fend off progressive Charles Book or in the Democratic primary. The race was tight and there were a lot of mail in ballots to count, which is why it took seven days for the Associated Press to call the race. With almost all the votes counted, McGrath had a 95 100 vote advantage over Booker. There was widespread absentee voting because of concerns over the current virus Pan that what's also lengthen the counting. McGrath was long expected to face McConnell. But Booker Games steam lay as protests against police brutality grew. Rob Dawson. Fox News. The New York state judge is temporarily block publication of a Tell all book by President Trump's knees after the president's brother sued to stop it. I'm Lisa let Sarah and this is Fox News. Tomorrow could

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