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The activity on the righthand shoulder and a traffic through the area has been very light infact freeways throughout the Santa Clara Valley. Are really quiet right now, including Highway 17. I see if you break lights in the Coyote Valley, headed into Morgan Hill on South bound, 101 but minimal, still pretty slow on the ultimate pass. Earlier accident. He's found 5 80 before North Flint is clear, but it is a slow ride, leaving Livermore from just past North Livermore to grant Line Road. Next update at 6 18 on the traffic leader, KCBS Fox coming back, that's going to cool things off for just a couple of days. Fog back at the Coast and bay. We're talking high as low to mid sixties at the Coast low seventies by the Bay. Mid eighties inland That's tomorrow, cooler on Thursday with inland highs just into the low eighties.

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