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There are about 40,000 newly reported infections daily. And if Americans don't start following public health recommendations, it could hit 100,000. I'm very concerned because it could get very bad, saying outbreaks in some areas could hurt the whole nation. States of the South East and West have started rolling back reopening plans like closing beaches and bars heading into the July 4th weekend. SOCCER Megane Washington The White House is now briefed a bipartisan group of lawmakers about reports that Russia has offered bounties on American service members in Afghanistan. This president is known to prefer in person or a ll briefings to written documents Asked directly whether information about Russian bounties was included in the printed version of the president's daily brief. White House press secretary Demure He was not personally briefed on the matter. That is all I can share with you today, not explicitly denying the information was submitted to the president in writing. Kayleigh Mcenany suggests it was the subject of debate within the intelligence community and, in her words wasn't verified. Stephen Portnoy, CBS NEWS Washington He made people

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