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Orange County like other Southern California spots, seeing a spike in the use of illegal fireworks, officials putting out warning that possession can get your heavy fines even jail time. Many of these fireworks are aerial mortar rounds ago several 100 feet into the sky and then explodes, sending balls of fire to the ground. They can spark brush fires being that they're more powerful, the greater the risk of injury to those using or watching them If something goes wrong, Orange County Sheriff's Sergeant Tim Puss tie with the hazards device. God says, If you're caught using them, they'll be confiscated. You'll wind up with a ticket form or your municipal ordinance will cover about $1000 fine. If you're caught, she firework possession, depending on the weight of how much fireworks you have you filed. Criminally, you can get up into the $50,000 fine rich with a year in jail post. I says teams they're doing prevention buys on Craigslist or other website shutting down those who brought in fireworks from out of state effective as those tactics are there. Still bracing for significant illegal activity this weekend, Pete Demetriou In the next 10. 70 news radio, a

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