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Metaxas. That story coming up in five minutes on the next 15 minutes for 45 now, traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the five spot by Valvoline Instant oil changed face Fonda. We've got a bad crashing Glendale on the 1 34 eastbound and this is righted Central, multi car wreck and right Now, all the lanes are blocked on the eastbound side. So you do have a backup. That extends for a little over a mile. In fact, it looks like you've got stopping the traffic starting right from the five. Now let's go to that. Sig alert in Anaheim Hills. Scott's over the wreck in the Southern California Toyota dealers guy. One CHP canceled that SIG alert. All lands have been reopened here 91 he spat. It was right by the weir candy truck scales the crash now over to the right shoulder, But It. Was there long enough planes to really back up to drive the fast track backing up starting right around 55 the Bay Blind righted Imperial highway. That's where it is gonna get tough Papa San and a candy will definitely help you out. 7 10 Long Beach and update the jab Jab with Brian. It's our South outside just past the four or five times we start that right lane block. This is a crash with the car from the embankments of slowing south bound from Long Beach Boulevard. Looks like this is clearing, though North bound out of downtown Long Beach stay slowed the four or five more slowing up ahead, starting in Florence up to the five Let's have a look at the 10 over the Kellogg Hill. Having problem there with Desmond, This is a westbound crashed. Unfortunately, some injuries westbound tan right around via Verde. Looks like the fire department are blocking off the right hand lane. If you state of the left, he won't lose too much of your Tuesday eastbound slow ago from the 7 10 getting over to Rosemead and then again, some more slowing into West Covina. Finally there you ride the brakes as you leave the 57. Danny's We've got a car on fire. This is North Hollywood on your 1 70 It's sound found sign. It's the Oxnard on ramp to the roadway. So l. A fires rolling to the scene. And CHP is about to shut down that on ramp to help him out with that Valvoline instant oil change your 15 minutes or less. Drive through oil change remind you

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