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Nicole Is Still Thinking About The Zombie Apocalypse with Beth Stelling & Mary Hollis Inboden - burst 15


In Twenty Years Leo. Come on. Money years some places are going to get wild. I mean like we don't need to go dark, but I think. The longer people with with three jobs Suffering there could be some uprising or violence. Here's the thing I don't WanNa. Live through like a hunger game situation you know. That would be like an inconvenience for me, you know. Like my poor person do I live in the capital to enter the fucking game. No No, no! And then like I don't WanNa be like a rich person in the capital, because I feel bad about being a poor person. I don't want to be on poor person. Nobody does like the whole. You see how they live. She wanted to live and right now. She just like. These Sees. The hunger games I won't. Grasp me. I was ready for the next one to come out same Susan Collins she really created a riveting world. Young really writer who wrote it says sheer. Suzanne Collins and Coming up I think you've clarified Suzanne call is. Nothing knowing that I'm. Calling.

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