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Radio, 700 W. Ell delegate Cincinnati Kentucky now knows who will face Mitch in November with the 10 o'clock report. I'm Sean Gallagher breaking now. The final results were announced the Democratic primary today as Amy McGrath will now move on to face Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell only general election for the U. S. Senate seat. State representative Charles Booker, who ran a tight race against McGrath, but finished a close second, congratulated his opponent in a statement this afternoon, but address some issues that arise from last week's primary, which saw limited pulling locations and an increase in mail in voting due to cover 19 broker writes that while he commends governor Bashir and state leaders for quickly pulling together a voting system that protects public health and ballot access, he acknowledges His campaign has heard from voters across the state who had trouble making their voices heard, and their votes counted

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