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To temporarily closed Cale Anderson Park for cleanup and damage assessment, But protesters haven't left. In the Washington attorney general wants lawmakers to consider a bill making it mandatory for police to report incidents involving use of deadly force Bob Ferguson recommending requiring law enforcement to take part in a national use of force reporting program created by the FBI last year. That's currently voluntary. It's pretty straight port and easily accomplished language simply need to be the political will to do it any given what's going on all around our country and all across our state. I do believe that the political will will be there. To adopt these reforms at the next session. Hey also is recommending that the information be made public so people can easily look up incidents involving their local police departments. 6 30 for Let's Get Over came a phone check on our CO Moh traffic. Good evening. We're still seeing a disabled motorhome and Tacoma. It's on door found five just after Highway 16. It's blocking the right length. Looks like there might be a state patrol vehicle there as well. And in the Pacific area south on Highway 1 67 and Alex and roads still have a crash blocking the right shoulder, not causing much of a distraction. But there is a bit of hesitation right there. A crash in Kirkland on south on 405 Northeast 1/60 Street is on the right shoulder with D O T there on the scene and in rent in that earlier crash on self, hm. 405 just after Maple Valley Road Highway 1 67 has been cleared away. The

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