I have a minor crash on South


All right, I have a minor crash on South down to 70 after Shady Grove Road, and that was blocking the right lane that may be out of the roadway. But there's roadwork south out of Watkins Mill and again after falls in each getting by by squeezing to the left and in Virginia on 3 95 South bound from glee. Brody Shirlington left Lane is getting past the Zone and also getting by single file North bound 95 exit 1 60 at 1 23 Not sure if it's the left or the right getting by there, though, and on the ramp from 95 north to the interlude toward Tyson's left lane gets by on that ramp. Now they are working on 66 on the westbound side, down to a single lane and, not least Rita times, stopping all traffic in the westbound direction for up to 30 minutes at a time past the works on and they're working eastbound on 66 to 50 getting by one lane to the right, also westbound after suddenly You're getting by single file past the works on their bobbing with double D T o P traffic had a storm scene for meteorologist met Ritter Easy, very warm and humid through the evening hours with a chance of an isolated thunderstorm overnight. It will be mostly clear, warm and muggy and kind of

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