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Temporarily blocks a book written by President Trump's niece, Mary Trump. Her other uncle, Robert says her father, Fred Trump's will includes no books about the family without family permission. I'm to McGuire AP News. Joe Biden is taking aggressive aim at President Trump questioning his fitness for office on two fronts. Biden says the president's abdicated his duties at home and abroad, accusing him of failing Americans during the virus. Pandemic numbers don't lie, saying the stunning surge of new positive cases in some states shows the president's piecemeal approach is not working. We can't continue like this and on a report suggesting the president's known for months about Intelligence suggesting Russia was offering bounties for the deaths of American troops in Afghanistan. It's an absolute dereliction of duty. If every any of this is even remotely true, it's a 12 punch, reflecting the core of the Biden candidacy built on the argument that the president's unfit to sit in the Oval Office. Soccer Megane Washington Corona virus Update. I'm to McGuire with an AP newsmen at the nation's top infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, tells a Senate committee. The pandemic is trending in the wrong direction. We're now having

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