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Of the day. Joe Biden gave a speech today and outlined some of the things he would do if he were president when it comes to the Corona virus. How different is that what he's proposed as to what's happening now what you see from former vice President Biden is a rally cry about leadership, and his speech today really took on the president is being an absent leader. Hey, said President Trump will wave the white flag on the pandemic. And this comes back to a challenge that the White House faces talking to officials there in recent days. It's clear that they sometimes feel their opponent in this 2020 campaign is not Vice President Biden but the pandemic itself that they're running against the pandemic and biting. Politically is joining in that chorus of criticism, saying the president not done enough and has abdicated his leadership. Mr Costa, do you there? There seems to be evidence that A lot of the rise in the Corona virus cases has come from young people is this because of bad practices? We've seen a lot of young people across the country based on different reports. The end is anecdotal evidence that's been reported on you're seeing complications from young people and Foulke today at the Senate was talking a lot about this, and he said bars are really bad people congregating. Too much in bars, and he's seen more and more complications, he said,

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