The Corona virus outbreak


Fast track status from the Food and Drug Administration that vaccines are being developed by Pfizer and German biotech by in tech. Initial U. S. Manufacturing is taking place Advisers plant near Kalamazoo County, and the overall supply will be made in Massachusetts in Missouri and some in Germany. Stage. One testing involves hundreds of volunteers. The fast track determination indicates results. Are encouraging. The U. S has carried out its first federal execution and 17 years correspondent Clayton Nevel says the Supreme Court paved the way for the execution by overruling a lower court overnight. Daniel Lewis Lee, who was convicted in a triple murder in the nineties, was put to death early this morning in Indiana. The execution initially halted over concerns of the use of a single drug for lethal injection. With the Supreme Court overruled that decision, claiming the single dose drug has become a mainstay in state executions. Attorney General William Barr moved to reinstate the federal death penalty last year. The Dow is up 395 the S and P up. 19. Ken Murkowski, w. J. R News Guy Gordon in two minutes. This is that

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