Trump's Niece Wins Legal Battle Over Tell-All Book


The trump administration gave Michael Cohen Choice. Sign this paper, saying you won't write a book or go back to prison. Silence or prison. Your choice then there's the book by Donald Trump's niece slated for official publication tomorrow Donald. Trump and his family have been in court up through today, trying to block the book from being published and Block Mary trump from saying anything about the book. which feels ridiculous because you probably feel like you've already read it, since just about every media outlet on the planet has gotten a copy and dissect it already. Well this evening. Donald Trump and his family lost that court fight a New York State Supreme Court Judge rejected. The trump families attempt to block the book ruling that quote the potential enormous cost and logistical nightmare of stopping the publication, recalling and removing. Thousands of books from all types of booksellers, brick and mortar and virtual libraries and private citizens is an insurmountable task at this time. The judge then quotes a different judge in another case Donald. Trump lost when he tried to block the publication of his former National Security Advisor John Bolton's book quote by the looks of it. The horses not just out of the barn. It is out of the country. Mary Trump's book can go forward and also married is now free to speak publicly about it. which should be interesting, so Michael Cohen's Book Mary Trump's book. The president his family his White House doing everything they can to prevent the from coming out up to and including sending Michael Cohen back to prison, but today we learned about a third book. Now see if you can spot the difference today. Today. The Justice Department released the actual executive order commuting the prison sentence of Roger. Stone he can see the president's unmistakable sharpie signature there. The president commuted his old friend sentence on Friday night, but it's not clear how broad the commutation was. In fact, the judge in stones case demanded to see the actual order to determine whether it covered stones, prison, time or his probation as well well. Now, we know that the president took care of everything. His Old Friend Prison Time supervised released twenty thousand dollar. Fine all of it poof gone. And today Roger Stone announced that he celebrating by. Writing a book. That's right, so if you testify unflattering Lee about the president, and you try and write a book you get to get the go back to prison. If you withhold information from Congress and prosecutors to protect the president, you get your prison sentence erased, and you can publish to your heart's content.

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