Philadelphia Teachers union president on what needs to be done to safely reopen schools


The Philadelphia School District finalizes its back to class plan the teachers union as some recommendations of its own. Hey, What about these? Mike Leonardo is that story. The school district is expected to announce its reopening plan this week. Philadelphia Federation of Teachers President Jerri Jordan says he's most concerned with keeping his members and their students safe from the Corona virus. We really get one chance to make it right and that You know, over the next three weeks because we cannot run the risk of gambling with anyone's help. Jordan says Teachers want to be sure that classrooms and school buildings would be sufficiently sanitized and that staffers with vulnerable immune systems can have the option of working remotely. The district is expected to announce a hybrid of in person and online learning. Jordan says his members are concerned over whether they'd have to teach online and in the classroom simultaneously. He says he shared the results of a pft survey with administrators but that the union did not have an active role in crafting the district's reopening plan.

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