Los Angeles and San Diego Schools to Go Online-Only in The Fall


Very eventful day in Southern California has experience with this pandemic, and it's affecting Ella USD. It's remarkable I I was listening to the mayor's news conference a little bit earlier, and he made in aside essentially saying that the number of cases in L. A county positive cases in L. A county of covert 19 now outstrip all of Canada and that if L a county were its own country, it would rank 20th in the world in terms of infection, And that is a remarkable statistic When you consider also the second largest school district in the country, Of course, Ella ust resides here in L. A county. And the planners and the officials for the school district have been wrestling with what to do when August 18th arrives that, of course, the first day of the new academic year and the speculation had been that perhaps we would see some sort of a blend of online and in person instruction. So you know, maybe you would have half the class show up on Tuesday. Wednesday Thursday and the other half of the class show up on Monday and Friday. And the other half. That's not there maybe is online and you know, you just kind of makes things up to at least get the kids on campus because what we have found is that a staggering number of students when it's online instruction on Lee just do not engage for a lot of reasons out there that we don't have time to get into. So the assumption was, we would see some sort of blend like that. Then. Last week, the California Teachers Association, the United Teachers Los Angeles, the chapter basically of Sita, here and down in Los Angeles, came out. They said. We don't want any in person classes because of what we've seen over the last 4 to 5 weeks. This massive surge again this resumption of cases in L. A county and they made their case for online only instruction and AH, l ust being the second largest and not to mention also San Diego coming out in a joint statement this morning, saying, We're going to start the year with online on Ly instruction, which is Major development when you talk about the number of other districts that were waiting for a big one, like Ella to make a move like that we're going to start to see a lot of dominoes fall not only in California, but I would presume in other states. They're seeing a tick up in cases like Arizona in Texas and Florida, Georgia and all these other places, right for all the reasons you mentioned. And the first that you did mention, which is that we're the second largest school district in America. I think this is exactly right. There were the litmus test and it might be the strategy that a lot of other municipalities through the country imposed, But obviously the problems extend into well OK, so now these kids were home, so they have to have some supervision at home. And you have parents who or other, you know, kind of health care rather a childcare situations that are going to have to evolve TTO handle. These kids were now at home. I mean, there seemed to be complexities here. I'm not suggesting that these policy makers have to address all of them in the moment. I understand that there is trying to handle the classroom problem, but the other problems seem substantial. Yeah, That's the I mean, you hit on the right The complexity off the cova. 19 pandemic is one that a singular entity like Elio Stas. Biggest, it is cannot deal with on its own, because the tentacles off Cove it stretching to every little facet of our lives. Right now, That's what we're discovering Mohr and Mohr. So you know you can't restart the economy until you get kids back in classes, But you can't get kids back in classes until you have the testing in the tracing to understand where this disease is cropping up. And being able to cut off that tentacle so that ah, classroom is safe. Not for a teacher. So that a Boston safe enough for the students and for the driver so that the lunch line is safe enough for the lunch lady, You know, it's not just about the kids. It's about everyone. Those kids come in contact with and for just a singular high school. You're talking about hundreds of thousands of context that permeate from that school. And if you want to do testing if you want to do tracing in every single school, Austin Beauty brought this up the superintendent. Avella USD this morning, he said. If you want to do it in every single school across the country, you're talking about $15 billion in order to set up that program. But the federal government has been absent of leadership in this issue. And because of that, it's made it even more difficult for local school districts to come to a solution come to a decision, which is part of the reason why here we are 56 weeks out from the start of the school year and just now really coming to grips with the fact that the kids are not going to be headed back to school, and Mom and Dad may not be able to go back to work, and that We'll have further repercussions in the economy. As we move forward, Christian Carlo is with us. I want to continue this conversation. But I want to ask you if there was any indication as to what the classroom would look like. I mean, with the virtual classroom would look like I mean how they've shut this shop. Clearly they given it, some thought. So there's so much more to the story if we're going to go to an online experience as soon as August 18th It's going to affect so many kids in so many families. As we said, I mean, the numbers are overwhelming. I mean, there are on top of the Million's just what is the actual number of kids enrolled in L. A is doing Had it here. It's ah, It's a huge, huge number. But there it is. It's 1/2 a 1,000,000 K through 12 students, about 75,000 employees. On DH. So you're dealing with this, these people and as as Christians, saying they interlock in so many different ways, and all those ways exposed these people to some risks, So

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